Lux: the DSEL for WebGL graphics

Lux is a domain-specific embedded language for WebGL graphics.

Lux in action

Try out the Lux demos, read the documentation, or fork the Lux git repo! Lux is open source.

Why Lux?

WebGL makes it possible to create compelling and fast 3D graphics on a modern web browser. But it does not make it easy! WebGL is based on OpenGL ES, which is based on OpenGL, which is a fundamentally old API. These are delightful assembly languages for graphics, but it's 2011, and we can do better than assembly.

Lux tries to give programmers a set of primitives that can be composed together to create higher-level constructs. The most important aspect of Lux is that although you will never have to write a WebGL shader with it, you will be able to do pretty much anything that's possible with shaders.


Lux is developed primarily by Carlos Scheidegger, at the AT&T Research infovis department.

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